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April 30th, 2013, 20:38
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I wish Fargo could go on kickstarter to get enough funding for another try at Stonekeep 2(I still have fond memories about the opening intro for the first Stonekeep game), but even if he did try, and even if he did get several million for it, I don't think that would be enough to make the game how he originally envisioned it when he first began work on it(Work was begun on it and they had an engine for it, and a novel was written about it that made it to release, but the game eventually got cancelled for those who don't know). With several million, I think he'd have to scale it way back(he doesn't have millions of dollars of cashflow from Interplay like he used to) and have the game be a shadow of it's former self. Still, I suppose I'd rather have a scaled down version of Stonekeep 2 than no Stonekeep 2 at all. Just wish he could get his hands on enough cash to make the game exactly like he originally wanted to.
Not that I would be particularly excited about a Stonekeep 2, but my hope for inXile (and Obsidian as well) is that they make enough money from their first wave Kickstarter Projects that they have funds to throw in for a second, hopefully more experimental wave. (Although I think Torment, while a spiritual successor, is already damn innovative and daring, compared to what we are used to)
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