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April 2nd, 2008, 13:31
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I think I might write an article on the experience in due course.

If anyone has any quest mod recommendations (I'm good for UI and tweaks to the game mechanics), I'd love to hear about them.
I do like a review of modded version of Oblivion!.

As for mods, i recommend atmospheric weather system, Oblivion stereo sound overhaul, better storms and weathers, Cities alive at night, original color darker night, illumination within (window light), purse of wonder, better bell sounds, Realistic force (physics), less NPCs conversation, Chase camera mode (more stable third person view), horse combat, GP lockpicks (make junks into lockpicks), Oblivion script optimizer (improve performance), deadlyreflex, dude wheres my horse, thieves arsenal, alternate start by ship, Gorier blood,

Unfortunate i couldn't say how much better after using the mods as i never played plain vanilla version of Oblivion. At least the mods above never mess up my game or computer.

PS - Also recommend Phinix's Immersive Dark UI or alternatively Immersive Interface to change the console friendly interface.

Good mods download site:…blivionmodlist
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