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March 20th, 2017, 23:26
Luj1 spotted that the Arcanum Multiverse Edition is available on Steam now:


▪ Multilanguage.
Preparing RePack we proceeded from the fact that all our fixes are compatible with both the Russian and English versions of the game. Selecting a language does not affect the performance of edits.
▪ Partially modified gameplay.
Some additions and additions touched dialogue and scripted scenes, namely the relation of words and NPC actions.
▪ Maps from Mapper's Mod integrated.
The project has done a great job over the ennoblement of design of all game locations: a lot of artifacts like sinking into walls objects were eliminated. Vegetation in those sectors where it is most conspicuous was cleaned. Also original arts were handled and added new ones, that formed the basis of graphical improvements of the mod. Detailed information can be found in the subject of the project. Also included is an expanded version of the mod, developed specially for the Sir's Expectations Modpack project (for details see "Other projects Multiverse Team").
▪ Original cut-out animation was integrated.
The beta versions of Arcanum presented additional animation, which was later cut. As an example of this animation new animated NPC movement in combat.
▪ Portraits of the beta-version of the game were added.
Introduced seven new portraits for different races and sexes which were absent in the original version of the game.
▪ Some background soundtracks were replaced.
Original cut-out ambient of the release version has been replaced by a more complete from the beta-version.
▪ Original lossless music was integrated.
Tracks in lossless quality we personally handed us by the composer Ben Houge, so that the quality of these tracks can be no doubt. Perhaps the owners of the integrated sound card and standard speakers will not appreciate our efforts, but I hope that everyone else will like it.
▪ High-quality maps of cities were integrated.
In the corresponding locations viewing the picture mode will be smoother.
▪ Contributed many fixes for items.
For example, the visual discrepancy between the schematics and the items were excluded, as well as revised their characteristics.
▪ New items have been created and objects based on used or previously missing artifacts.
Thus, we found an unused applications and content made by developers and we could eliminate some of the errors in the layout locations.
▪ Added the ability to run the game in windowed mode.
Previously, this required to register a key in the shortcut properties, but now this feature is available in the configurator.
▪ Arcanum High Resolution Patch was updated and integrated.
Especially for the patch made for high-resolution the interface version has been created and added to the scope of two variants of a background of the main menu. It is hiding visual artifacts after the patch installation.
▪ Selection of the best ideas and patches from UAP, GF 1.3, and alpha patch.
Also a lot of small fixes of unknown bugs, improvements and additions were performed by our team.
▪ Configurator and launcher were created for easy compatibility settings with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.
Configurator allows to connect Wine libraries and choose options that previously needed to register keys in the shortcut properties.
▪ Designed bonus section.
In the installation folder you can find a lot of official content.

Detailed report on the above items is set out in the log of changes and fixes included in the documentation for the game (files are in 'Arcanum\Arcanum\documents').
More information.
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