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March 13th, 2009, 07:27
You're kind of proving my point though, PS:T and Deus Ex are two of the most "serious" games anyone could ever play, although PS:T had its goofy moments as well. It says something that you would choose to use those 2 games for comparisons.

I like PS:T a lot, but the combat, which I really enjoyed in the other Infinity Engine games, bored me to tears. Also, none of the choices made during the course of PS:T, other than the very last one, actually affected the outcome of the game. It's a great game if the only thing you care about is the story.

While I appreciate a great story in an RPG, atmosphere and gameplay are just as important to me. That's where The Witcher excels imo. I would almost liken my current experience with The Witcher to the first time I played Gothic, and that speaks volumes.
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