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March 14th, 2009, 08:17
I actually found the dialogue very good. I don't understand what the people who criticize it, are actually on about. Please give an example of where the dialogue was a problem?

An example for me, would be Geralt and Yeavinn's conversation in the swamp, regarding Yeavinn's bitterness against humans. I see true bitterness there, -nothing funny or jokesey.

Then also Geralt's having to make a romantic decision regarding either Triss or Shani - the decision is to whether a Witcher has any right at all to become involved in a serious relationship, since he can never father any children (something most women want), and since he has a dangerous job that keeps him away from home all the time, and since Witchers, as mutants, are social phariahs, which could negatively rub off on his romantic/marriage partner, and since Witchers were exlusively meant to kill monsters and not actually also have a life of their own.
So you think that exploring how Geralt might be feeling about all of this is a joke, and "funny"?

Then, of course, as someone had already pointed out, the issue of the GM and his ideals for humanity and his attempts and experiments with genetic engineering, and his attempted genocide, does smack of Nazism. I guess that is a huge joke too.
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