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September 20th, 2012, 21:59
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Oh BTW the GUI for the next one is completely different now but since no one's asking I wont show it.
Oh cīmon, you know you want to .

Iīm getting a rather strong sense of Wizardry 7 with a hint of Ishar from the gameplay window, which certainly isnīt a bad thing.

As for the (now apparently obsolete) GUI, besides the white text on orange background it looks nice, but I wonder if having party members and gameplay options displayed as text isnīt too oldschool. I mean, party portraits and action icons instead wouldnīt hurt.
As I see it, plain text is sorta cold (makes GUI less "immersive") and in the case of options likely takes too much screenspace that could be devoted to, for example, portraits .

Anyway, looking forward to this. Also, Sword & Sorcery 2: Beyond Underworld.
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