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January 16th, 2015, 20:43
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You keep saying developer and publisher. This was 100% publisher and the developer did NOT want this to happen.
And you say that, based on what?
It's easy to shift the blame to the publisher. Certainly, the developer, when they sign a contract, agree on certain terms. If they agree on doing this, aren't they also to blame?
Especially since, reading the several replies of the developer on the Steam forums, they are apologetic not for doing this (on the contrary, they see this as not a big deal, since they consider several quests, an exclusive boss, and certain items, minor content), but for not clearly pointing in-game, on your quest log, that these quests are bonus content exclusive to the retail edition.

And I do read this news post, and see the following: «BitComposer & Games Farm sent out information».
Considering this joint announcement is for a new edition of the game, one that includes the content that, again, was part of the early access version, and then removed on launch, with no upgrade option available to past buyers (currently, only by paying full price again do we get to play this content), I have a hard time not blaming the developer in all of this.

But fine, excluding the developer from this, my point still stands: a game was sold as early access (without any info that a different release would be available on release, with more content), it included certain content, then on release, and without any warning or information, that content was removed and made exclusive to the retail edition of the game. To make matters worse, the content was no hastily removed that you are given these quests, and have no way to complete them, because you are unable to progress on certain points.
As an answer to complaints, and as this news posts publicizes, a new digital edition of the game was made available, with the removed content. The problem is, there is no upgrade option, nor discounts for those who already bought the game. So, in order to finish certain quests, and play certain content, apparently they are expecting people to buy the game again.
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