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January 16th, 2015, 21:54
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Well the only difference with this edition is the DLC and the soundtrack. Evey buyer of the original game will still be getting the second half of the game for free.
I'm sorry, but what does getting the second half of the game has to do with this?
If someone reads your comment, it makes it look like the second part of the game is some sort of post-release support, or free content, when in fact what they did is they split up the promised content, and decided a while back to split the game in two parts, and are supposedly releasing the rest of the game in the future. I say supposedly, because considering they also promised a free copy of Kult: Heretic Kingdoms months ago, and still nothing, and considering the publisher filled for bankruptcy (…bankruptcy.php) I'm not holding my breath.

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Anyway I don't agree with removal of content either, but they wouldn't be the first developer or publisher who do this. Go complain on their forum as it's more effective.
Can you please let me know what developer removed content from a game after it being in the hands of gamers (I don't mean removing content from a game before release, to sell it as DLC after release), to then make it available only with retail copies? And then releasing it digitally, not as DLC, not as an upgrade, but as a separate, "deluxe" edition, so that previous buyers have to pay full price again, in order to get that content?
Can you please let me know how many RPGs have you played in which you get certain quests, NPCs tell you to go certain places, kill certain creatures, take certain quest items, and when you try to do so you get a gate, and are unable to progress, and after wandering for hours trying to progress, you go ask a developer and they tell you "sorry, that is bonus content part of the retail edition"?
Read a few topics of fellow gamers:…5566986169968/…5566900787855/

I posted on this topic, because RPGWatch just advertised this new edition of the game (the way I found out about it), and I thought potential customers should be aware of what the people behind the game, or at least its publishing, did, and continue to do, to their customers who bought the game.
And since this is certainly the worse thing I ever saw done in an RPG, in terms of content removal/exclusivity (especially since, again, this content was in the game, gamers got to play it, and was then removed, unless you bought the retail edition), I was seriously hoping RPGWatch could post something about it, to warrant some discussion, and hopefully prevent similar things from happening in future titles.

Instead, you tell me to go complain on their forums.
Of course I will do so, but I can't help but feel disappointed that, for example, the "Dead State - DoubleBear Review Controversy" (in which a developer supposedly deleted a bad review, or bad comments, from a customer) warrants a post, but a publisher (and developer) who does this doesn't warrant a mention, or a passing warning, from you.
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