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January 17th, 2015, 14:29
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@FunktionJCB: I support you bringing this information to us. Don't get worked up by some of the people here that support devs/publishers more than gamer when ever it is 50/50 situation or close.

Just present the info and let the readers decide what it what.
Thanks for the support.

Imagine buying a game early to support the development of a sequel to another game you own, playing certain content, then they release the 1.0 update and remove access to this content, and make it an exclusive to another release, without prior warning or information (obviously, those who bought the early access version had no info that another version would be released, with additional content for the same price, otherwise I doubt most would have picked it up).
So, in-game, you get quests, and quest items, and are unable to complete them because the developer simply locked out digital customers of this content.
And to make matters worse, they have the nerve to release this content as a digital deluxe edition (as per this press release), not as a DLC or upgrade option, so that you have to purchase the full game again in order to play the missing quests and fight the missing boss, the content you were playing before a certain game update.

I honestly never saw a move such as this being pulled. And I'm unaware of any RPG where you get certain quests, and are unable to complete them because you don't have a certain edition.
I know some companies, like Bioware, have exclusive quests to certain editions (usually released later on as DLC) but in-game you never get these quests. In this game, you get them, make certain progression, and then, too bad, you are out of luck.

But apparently, according to what I've been reading, this is all ok. And the poor developer, who has been downplaying this content, should be given a break.
Now if this was Bethesda releasing horse armor, that would be worthy of discussion.
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