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March 15th, 2013, 11:56
Agree with GBG - And there is a big difference between basic cooperative multiplayer as in say Baldur's gate and features such as player housing, shops etc. which imply that everyone is playing together in a single world; that's an MMO (at least if everyone is playing together throughout the world). Further, the fact that your offline character would need to be completely separate reinforces that distinction.

What, they might be doing (I can't really tell so far) is something similar to the Guild Wars 2 personal story. You could then have towns and outposts that act as lobbies (like Guild Wars 1) and can have housing etc. and venture out from those either solo or with a group of friends into an instance which loads the current stage of someone's personal story. In that case you would need to decide first whose story you were doing, as different players would be in different stages of progression.

EDIT: Incidentally you can play GW2 exactly like this - i.e. you can help someone out with their personal story, but it does not progress your own story, since you are most likely at a different stage.

EDIT2: If OTOH they "match" you up randomly in lobbies then I don't imagine many people would like that. What's become pretty clear is that people prefer to play with friends or guild mates and otherwise solo. Very few like playing in PUGs, where there are always griefing/rushing etc. issues.
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