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November 3rd, 2019, 00:04
I'm still only 16 hours in due to RL and trying some other games this week, but I think it's better than what a lot of people are claiming. The edgelords over at the Codex are acting like it's the worst game in years in their typical fashion.

A lot of it might be due to the wrong expectations. Maybe some people thought it was going to be the second coming of Fallout: New Vegas. Personally, my expectations were kind of low because I didn't see anything in the pre-release footage that really grabbed me. I like it quite a bit so far though. It's a step back from FO:NV, but I think it's good on its own and especially if you compare it to other modern Sci-fi RPGs.

That said, it certainly could have been a lot better. The companion AI is pretty bad, and I think the loot system is borderline terrible.

I'm still enjoying it more than I enjoyed Greedfall though. Artistic style and freedom to explore mean a lot to me, and it excels in those areas.
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