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November 7th, 2019, 10:09
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Depends I just enjoy certain BioWare games.

I will gladly admit I enjoyed both DA: Inquisition & MA: Andromeda.
Correct I didn't enjoy Anthem but I wonder if the patches and DLC improved it by now?
Yep I always defended Dragon Age 2. Still remember my furious posts.
I think I've defended it once or twice on here too, wasn't as bad as some people portray. I enjoyed every single BioWare RPG from BG1 through DA:I. Including Jade Empire and, for the month or so that I bothered playing it, SWTOR. Obviously, the later ones weren't great RPGs anymore, too dumbed down, but still fun games in my opinion.

But ME:A was just a slog really, the standard BioWare story layer was still there (which is what made it worth playing), but the gameplay was so ridiculously tedious. Also felt like I spent 50% of my time either walking, driving, flying, or watching loading screens. The low review scores were well-deserved. If there was an ME:A 2 (I know there won't be but this is hypothetical) I'd probably play it still, but I sure wouldn't look forward to it.
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