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November 11th, 2019, 21:57
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
It's not quite the same as ESO.
No, but it's the same route.

ESO you hit the level cap and find you're doing less damage to the same monster from level 1. Then you gear up just to get back to the damage you were doing when you started. I found it extremely unsatisfying but it's not very fresh in my mind.
That depends on your gear at level 1 and level 50. ESO scales your gear along with your damage.

So, if you used white gear at level 1 - and, say, blue gear at level 50 - you will deal more damage at level 50. That's using the same skill, though.

Obviously, at level 50 - you will have a lot more skills, and your combined damage output will therefore be much greater than at level 1, where you have just about a single skill to spam.

But it's true that you have to keep your gear level up to feel competitive, and you don't really start to feel your power grow until you start earning champion points.

That said, you do earn skill points and expand your power in that way.

Not an ideal approach, but it works well enough for the most part.

Theres really no new systems being brought in, It's not going to scale like ESO does, it's just this time the level cap is 60. It's still exactly the same system. It's very easy to scale 120 down to 60.
I didn't say it would scale like ESO does, I said it's going the ESO route by making all previous expansions relevant again.

It's not necessarily "easy" to scale 120 down to 60.

Not that that's what they're doing, though. They're scaling 120 down to 50 - and they're reworking skills and rewards, to ensure each level feels like a real progression.

It's not necessarily hard, either - but who cares. I care about whether it's fun - and I think it will be.

ESO cemented the benefit of having the entire world relevant at all times - and I can easily live with the downsides of scaling.

What they're doing is setting all the old expansions to scale from 1 to 50 so you can level up in any zone you like except Shadowlands and then the Shadowlands content is the usual 10 levels from 50 to 60. This means leveling up will be faster, have more new stuff to play with every level and can be done without repeating a single dungeon. With heirlooms I reckon you could get a new character to 50 in a day. Especially if the allied races still start at 20.
From what they've said, they're scaling all expansion content from 10-50 (not 1-50) - and that's exactly what I mean by:

scaling all expansions to your level

Whether they outright scale everything - or you actually have to pick an expansion, like they said in the presentation, I don't know.

But I would definitely prefer scaling everything - so I could have fun in every zone - and level up exactly where and how I wanted to.




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