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June 27th, 2013, 20:07
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Apple just settled for $100 million based on kids hyper-spending on in-app purchases one kid rached up over $1000 on a 'free' game! It is out of control!
This link is your reference?…_class_action/

I read it and it's sensational writing, I quote "A number brought a class-action suit against Apple, filed with the Northern District of California Court on 11 April, 2011."

A "number", in one district, one day. Lol. But I quote Apple took it seriously and even changed the parental control already. So it's a good point but the article stinks anyway. But I'm not surprised that Microsoft fans apply superficial reading to an anti Apple article, it's common.

Micro transaction games on idevices is nothing new, since 3 or 4 years, and probably more, there's regularly free games on top in Apple lists best income games. And suddenly that's a critical problem on significant proportions? Lol.

Looks more like some incompetent parents decided get some fame and some writer that saw the opportunity of a good imprecise article.
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