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December 7th, 2017, 07:31
I'll try to keep it short and sweet…

Story telling
difficult choices that seem to matter
world building
voice acting
character design
art design
REDEngine capabilities

Broken quests I had 3 of them at the end. Its never really obvious when you are "committing" to an action that advances the story and breaks side quests. I had 2 in Chapter 2 and 1 in Chapter 3.

Obtuse puzzles Chapter 2 was horrible. Chapter 3 marginally better but it was all broken anyway by railroading on the main quest

Difficulty In some spots the difficulty ramp is just outrageous. There is a battle in Chapter 1 that is truly cringe worthy. Once out of Chapter 1 thankfully things become more balanced

Cutscenes that screw you hardly unique to the this game but pretty much Bioware level of ridiculousness. OK not quite as bad as Bioware but close. Coupled with the design decision to exclude potions on combat and you get the idea

Quick Time Events damn consoles

The faults are overwhelmed by the positives. Its a must play for the story alone. I have to recommend it no matter how annoying I find the game at times. I think Witcher 1 is marginally superior but its very difficult to compare these games as the game system is much different and the story is far more pronounced and epic. I didn't appreciate Witcher II action combat at first but now I'd find it hard to revert. In the end its hard to compare them. At any rate if I were to scale it it would be 89%
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