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August 15th, 2018, 00:43
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
It will also be easier to find the monster the second time because as you discover clues such as footprints or animal corpses it recently ate, etc, it adds research points on that monster which will unlock research and reveal the monsters elemental weaknesses, weak points, which limbs are vulnerable to which weapon type, what the limbs drop when cut off, etc, so even if you just found 1 footprint then have to get off the PC it's still progress.
That's a pretty cool mechanic.

I've tried a few MH clones, like the demos of Toukiden and Ragnarok Oddyssey Ace on PS Vita, and also tried a bit of God Eater on the PC, but there was something deeply unsatisfying about the gameplay loop.
Have you tried any other MH-style games to compare? (i.e. is it way better than other MH-style games)
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