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February 4th, 2019, 21:51
Originally Posted by Dajjer View Post
big lol

Actually, a recent Doctor Who episode (past 3 years or so) kinda addressed your concerns. The side kick asked how can I understand this foreign language and how come it feels like I'm still speaking English when I'm responding? I was so blown away by that great question, I had a brain freeze and pondered that question instead of listening to the answer…..NOTE: Doctor Who fan for 40 years.

I was like… Hey yeah why is that? Shame on my for not paying attention. My brain is mush. Hmmm, I'm hungry for snacks.
For me, it would have worked better in Trek if they'd just made a joke about it like that and ignored it.

The Universal Translator was just asking for trouble.

It's like that Klingon change that happened between TOS and the first movie. They just joked "don't ask" - and that was that.

Works for me, anyway

Darth Tagnan



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