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October 21st, 2007, 10:06
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
all I hear from this thread is "wahh, I want boobies"…
It is refreshing though to note that the US still has some standards. So does Germany it seems by correcting their initial rating on it.
I can't speak for others, but the reason I started this thread has nothing to do with me wanting 'boobies' or the game itself for that matter. If you do a search on my previous posts I have already expressed many of my doubts about the game; even if the designers have the best intentions, the result might not end up be good.

I have no trouble with rating boards either. Each country is free to rate their games, movies, books or whatever as they see fit.

What troubles me the most is censorship. This is a completely separate matter which has nothing to do with either content or rating. An uncensored X-rated movie may be nominated for or win an Oscar prize; Clockwork Orange, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Last Tango in Paris to name a few. If the makers of those gems had to worry of most theatres not showing their films because of the rating they might not have gone into the trouble of making them in the first place.

If the content is bad then it will be naturally rejected by the society as a whole. Which brings us to the game. Is the content in the Witcher that bad that Atari has decided to cut in order to trick their customers into buying it? Or is it good, in which case Atari simply deprives their customers from the experience? I really don't know. But the fact that a game gets censored and porn is not makes me want to defend the game.

Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
I also get to hear it from the poor commie university students about once at week at my school.
Out of curiosity, would you care to elaborate? Where I live (Europe, Greece) communists are a well-established minority represented in the parliament. Although I never voted for them it would be foolish for me not to acknowledge that they have made a number of positive contributions to the political scene. They are certainly not poor. Their leader had her children receive the most expensive education available (including sending at least one of them to the States, which can be very expensive for a European). As far as I know, communist parties exist in most countries. And, speaking of communism, censorship has been one of Stalin's main methods. As well as Hitler's.

Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
I'm sorry if I took too much liberty.
That's ok. I'm sure we all here understand that you're in an age that your view of the world is not yet fixed. It's only natural for you to fluctuate. Maybe you should not attempt playing The Witcher or any other adult-themed game until you are 'mature' enough.
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