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October 21st, 2007, 18:25
Originally Posted by Icefire View Post
But porn isn't sold at Wal-mart or Ebgames is it? If a game is intended for ADULTS only, where can they sell it? An adult bookstore? I still say it's up to the parents to determine what their kids can and can't see. Password protected content in the game is the most obvious and easiest solution. But I am certainly not gonna let my kids watch porn. I MAY let them play the game uncensored. See the difference?
In filmrenting store the videos with naked skin and som sex (i.e Basic instinct) are mixed with all the other films. Even porn films (BTW Witcher IS NOT PORN! theres a difference) are in the same space allthough they usually have their own shelfspace. Why should video games have different standards than video films?
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