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January 24th, 2019, 22:41
Get a clue before you speak. I was using ssd heavily 8 years ago in the enterprise market and know damn well they were much faster. We had 3 products based exclusively off of ssd servers (not because we could but because we required the raw i/op].
The ones we used were pretty damn reliable. they were not cost effective for arrays 8 years ago but they are getting their. The high end enterprise ssd are quite durable today.

Originally Posted by Caddy View Post
Not really. 8 years ago? Back then they weren't faster in all aspects. Especially with simultaneous reads, and had horrible reliability, and they still even now need to mature more to work properly in large raid arrays. It will eventually happen. But even 5 years from now, they're not going to be swapping HDDs in a large data-center array with a mismatched SSD, and re-doing the whole array won't be cost effective, even with power consumption taken into account. Especially when they have enterprise drives that can actually give a hint that it's going to die, before it actually does. Data recover is also going to be much harder. If a HDD drives, most of the time the data is still on the platter. If an SSD dies. It's dead period. Obviously that's what backups are for, but that doesn't help much if you're doing version control calculated by seconds instead of days. The "lab guy" wasn't an idiot. He was speaking to his audience. No doesn't mean never. It means, "not during my career". It would be the same nuance as if someone asked in the 80s (or even decades earlier) if electric cars would become mainstream.
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