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July 26th, 2019, 10:18
So called hardest mode only 0.000001% of people will play and a few percentages will cheat to get the most important achievement.
I really hope it gets removed on the release.

There is no need to have a rainbow of difficulty modes in any RPG. Normal needs to be challenging, easy needs always active mysterious stranger perk (Fallout) and that's it.
NonRPGs that have nothing but style need the difficulty rubbish spikes to cover for lack of substance. Okay, nonRPGs and the new plague, some RPGs that have nothing but silly combat or random generator inside.

As for the balance, I get smallpox when I hear that word used by developers in singleplayer games.
It's awsome not to have dumpstats in a videogame, sure. But it's also fun to discover something is OP, easily pwn previously hard to beat boss then share it on RPGwatch.

First and foremost a videogame needs to be fun. If it's not fun, no balance and no difficulty mode will save it. In fact IMO these two can ruin fun.

But before anyone gets a wrong idea - I'd rather see development budget money wasted on balancing/difficulties than on random generators and repetition/grind/busywork. Between several evils, of course I'll appreciate lesser ones.
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