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July 26th, 2019, 11:54
Not really no. I don't use pills chems and you need something stronger than pot.

Moral of the story you seem to miss. CP2077 won't be Destiny clone. It also won't be any EA milking scheme. If it does get some mmo mode, it'll be content sold separately instead of being enforced on a buyer who doesn't want it.
Everything else, in this year and the next one, about any upcoming game, is pretty much irrelevant to discuss about. Balance, difficulties, stories, combat, visuals, music, name it. All of low importance as it doesn't (try to) manipulate you by any means.
Buzz creating is a sort of manipulation, sure, but it's needed for feedback and in the end you won't feel doomsday will happen if you don't pay for some bullshit.
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