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September 26th, 2007, 09:37
Concessions-- not necessarily. I like what Greg Zeschuk of Bioware said about it in a recent interview:

The market for gaming has expanded so much in the last couple of years. What impact, if any, do trends like the Wii and casual gaming have on your development process?

We do agonise over this a bit. We (Bioware) know who we are and what we do. Sonic RPG has a different audience as does our other title Dragon Age. I mean people say WoW is a mainstream game, but is it? It's clearly a phenomenon but 9-million people playing it out of the full potential population total is still small percentage. I mean how many people are playing Hearts online? It is very difficult though, it's like we are speaking different languages. We never want to dumb down our games though. You can still have a complex core, but the way you touch that has to be done right. I'd love to see a really complex game on the Wii with the ease of use that their controller gives. I don't want to play party games; I want something that makes me go wow. Maybe Mario Galaxy could be the one. We'll see.

(Emphasis mine)
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