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February 20th, 2018, 20:09
Well, I supported the game on KS before. Not sure if I bought it at realease for 50€ and honestly I would also not recommend it for that price due to it's unpolishedness, which isn't the worst in the world, but it's not what you should expect from a 50€ game.

Personally I am playig two games at the same time now. Avernum 3 and Kingdome Come, and personally I prefer to play Avernum. You know that Avernum will always deliver exactly what you expect. Kingdom Come Deliverance ofc has a much higher production value, but it also has tons of little disappointments (in any form).

I think the German voice overs are a great example:
They put lots of effort to have great voices and great casting.
In every second Story Dialogue you have some parts which are cut off.
Also you often feel like they tried to match a generic answer to two different possible situations.
And this always feels a bit "meh".
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