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December 19th, 2008, 15:36
From first parts of Kotor that I played I think that it seems to be a worthy CRPG, and I have been quite surprised by a quality I didn't expect. With time it didn't keep a such high credit highly spread and from the few I played it could be quite good in fact. I didn't push further because I was waiting OSX localized version and didn't rush on it once received because of the fights, I didn't understood how they work and got lazy to use sweat to learn it. For now I keep it for later. For me the SW movies (but the second released) are much more overrated here is more the problem.

I feel that games like Mass Effect, the top overrated Oblivion but also older stuff like the Might&Magic series more overrated. For Fable overrated, not sure, it's not such a crap and from a computer point of view I don't think it has such a high reputation commonly spread.
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