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August 29th, 2011, 22:19
The game was horrible..lets not sugar coat it. Almost unplayable with its semi-retarded story line.
Hawk was no Hero, he didn't nor couldn't save anyone close to him, Father, mother, brother, and depending on your choice sister dies. I replayed where his mother is taking there was no way of stopping it…I replayed where his sister dies there was a way to stop that but not her being taking.
Waves and waves of the same moronic trops attacking you in the same places over and over again.
One city to explore that had no real feeling to it…a few places outside the city that were even more boring but you had to keep going back to them over and over again…and don't get me started on that retard guard that feel in love…having you pass notes back and forth like a 14 year girl…
Multi years of his life to become rich but still nothing happens…
Three dungens or passaways used over and over again with just walls in your way if they wanted you to go another way….
A gaint dragon that took 2 hours to kill…fight fight fight run run run find a place to heal up repeat…(side note i wouldn't have know to go back to the pits to fight him either just got bored one day and when up there to see if there was something to do besides walking around that city over and over again.
The dark roads didn't really exsist..
I could go on but it was crap…
Least DA1 had a plot and a plan even fun at times to play…
This was crap…it was like well we have to do something people want another game…
Well my sisters brothers needs a job, he just got out of prision for selling meth…maybe he could come up with something…
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