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August 30th, 2011, 04:35
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I think I'm in the minority here, since I actually liked DA2. It was a nice change from the usual, 'hey - let's save the world again plot' that so Bioware (and other) games have done - and some still do…

Anes yes, Hawke is probably no hero, if hero means that you save someone or something, my Hawke she just struggled to get by. And at least the whole situation with the Qunari might not be resolved if Hawke hadn't been there. And there is a way to stop your sister from dying; a certain person from Andersfeld just needs to be with in the Deep Roads.

If, however, you think differently, to the people of Kirkwall, Hawke, she's their champion. She has proven that a women or man, by her own means, can break the pattern and rise above their set station in life. By her own actions she has risen from rags to riches.

And this certainly give hope to the people in Kirkwall that maybe that can do they same -some day.

The big problem with this game is - wait for it - the marketing. It, the marketing, that is, promised, a rise to power….which we got, but then after that….what happened… a mentioning about Hawke being the champion. And a choice in the end (and, btw, the first enchanter picked a terrible to have a nervous breakdown - which, I too, found completely out of character…) between mages and templars. This choice do not alter much, though, since the person from Andersfeld does what he does.

As for problems, I have no problems with the re-used modules for caves, houses or passageways, since more content could be filled in those. It probably just needed to be hidden a little more. (the brecilian forest in DA:O springs to mind….) Another problem, I first really can see now that I've finished the game is that three years are supposed to pass between each act. However, to me, it could just as well be 1 day or 1 week or 12 months. Nothing really seem to change, and by that I don't mean the city itself, but it just seems so smooth and easy - at least between act 2 and 3. [at least after chapter 1you move into a bigger house, a mansion]

The only thing I really have problems with is the combat. In act three, there are three hidden quests you can do. And the combat in these quest are ridiculous; here we have the parachuting enemies dropping from a firm ceiling (yes, they do!) - I couldn't believe my eyes. Then on the way to the Gallows during the end game, you're attacked three or four times, one time with 12 or 16 shades, an Ogre, and bloodmage. I had to reload -a lot.

Another thing that annoyed me was - the lack of followewr custumization. No because, I wanted to dress my characters, but for gameplay reasons. It really means something in terms of gameplay if I can give say Merril an outfill that boots her Armour (class) from 150 to 550. Or Aveline's Armour from 250 to say a 1000 Armour. It means that the my team better can fight the boss fights - having a slightly better chance to win.

Another thing which annoyed me, and has done all the way back to the demo are the cooldowns for this game. I played with a mod in whichthe cooldown period for healing spells are 20 seconds - not the 40 seconds in the vanilla game.

However, all this did not take away my enjoyment of playing the game nor my like of it.
Wow you are one tolerant gamer. I've seen this so many times with this game. People say its not bad then have a page long list of it's faults. Even reviewers give it a 90% then you read the review and its 90% negative. Hate to see what a bad game would be then.

I'm surprised more people don't mention the terrible quests, you know the ones. Where you see a person with an exclamation point over their head, then talk to them and they say thanks for returning this I must have lost it. I have no idea what I gave them. There are several of these quests. Some of the laziest game design i've ever had the displeasure of playing. I could list and list stuff but why it's all been written before.

Gamers really need to raise their standards or we will be getting more and more garbage like da2.
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