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August 30th, 2011, 23:23
Character interaction (improved), character building in terms of skills (much improved) and storyline (a matter of taste) were genuine attempts at improving the formula from the predecessor, but the sum of the parts was only ok-ish. Lazy is the one word that best describes the effort put into the game.

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As for problems, I have no problems with the re-used modules for caves, houses or passageways, since more content could be filled in those. It probably just needed to be hidden a little more. (the brecilian forest in DA:O springs to mindů.)
In principle I sort of agree that recycling of resources can be acceptable if done with some subtlety (and Bioware has occasionally pulled this off in the past). Unfortunately the way it was done in DA2 was just terrible and a bigger immersion-breaker than the waves of paratroopers to me. Both these flaws were pretty major.
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