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September 1st, 2011, 14:24
The story is the best I've seen so far since PS: Torment and yes, Witcher 1. No secret organization, no saving the world mo ancient order. Just a story about a girl or guy who makes it in the world. And then dispappears. And yes, the ending is frustrating, if you don't like open endings. But is a valid plot point to use - to leave the ending open. You're then left with only your own imaginationů.
I agree with Pessineister. I mean, there was a plot? All I remember is some pitiful effort to somehow wrap up the game. Over 10 years of game story, all they've told me were:

1. Hawke is a loser
2. Mages and templars hate each other
3. Anders is some nut who will not stop to destroy chantry and start a pointless war

Like holy shit, epic plot.
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