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November 10th, 2011, 02:12
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Considering the pirated leak came from a journalist's Xbox 360 review copy, maybe they were simply worried about piracy.

Also, I imagine they had to modify the build or somehow alert Steam servers so that PC Gamer could play on PC before release date.
They did it at a location Bethesda had prepared so I imagine they used the same system they do that allows them to distribute and test internally. Steamworks developer tools include packages that allow companies to run their own internal steam servers on their VPN.

And yeah a review copy of the Xbox360 version of a game is often out in the wild well before the PS3 version leaks and before release day while the Steamworks PC versions are far less out. I mean the retail PC disc image is floating around on sites now, about a week after the xbox360 version but all the people who have downloaded it so far just have a 5.1 gb iso reminding them that they don't have the game. Its funny but Steamworks success suggests that perhaps the PC might be a safer platform to develop AAA titles they anticipate huge day 1 sales for. Perhaps they should include an tool to help deploy demos at trade shows and then we'd actually see the PC version of some multi-platform games being shown.

I'm not a huge fan of Steam or Steamworks, but its relative success does at least give me hope that developers may see the PC market as something more desirable than a crowd of theives salivating at the chance to steal their products.
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