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February 1st, 2013, 13:26
I rented it and finished it on Ps2 in barely a weekend back when it was released, hoping for some quality Bard's Tale nostalgia, even though it was never marketed as such. It's a mediocre game overall, but it does have some good humour and satire going for it.
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Probably the best version at this point is the DOS version which was recently patched to fix pretty much all of the game-breaking bugs.
I'll have to politely disagree with that. The C64 version of Bard's Tale III looks and plays better as far as I'm concerned. Also, the SID chip is superior to the blurps and blobs you'll get from the DOS version. It's nice to have the Rhyme of Duotime chiming along when adventuring…

Also, for what it's worth - the Dark Alliance games along with Champions of Norath, were perfectly fine for two-player co-op hack and slash games. They're obviously not top notch as far as RPG experiences go, but they met a particular niche within the console market at the time.

In the last Bard's Tale newsbit, I posted a link to the Bard's Tale IV petition list. Futile or not, seems like another choice moment to do so again.
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