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November 2nd, 2013, 10:12
By this site's standards, this game is RPG.

Not surprised of that annoucement. The other day, I was thinking they could release the game in one month or in one year, depending on what gameplay they want to deliver. They'll do it in one week.

A release version will give a clearer insight.

The "game" is supposed to come with two modes:
-story mode (already available on Xbox)
-sand box mode.

In story mode, the product is okay for any player wishing to sink hours of their life time with some investment perspective, finishing the story mode takes around 15 to 20 hours, so one dollar or something by hour.

Sand box mode that is surviving as long as you can is another question altogether,
Quite a number of game mechanics come with MMO gaming in mind, and make little sense when applied to SP gaming. If kept in those forms, surviving will be absent form the product other than being staged in a survival set up.
The design hints at a large number of promising idea but how much of them are going to be completed?

There's another game that is not yet RPG but that will be RPG: The Dead Linger.
Also on Steam Early Access. Warning: very early alpha.
The game is promising for a zombie apocalypse game as it should allow a huge game world (something like 25 000 km square or something)
That large world should allow to take advantage of zombie density vs reward loot as long as players can stand empty locations.

Bit of trouble with State of Decay as you can locate in a supposedly isolated farm and be struggling with many zombies, just as if you were located in a city center.
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