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December 10th, 2012, 05:49
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I'll be curious to see if it succeeds. Does fanatical support by a relatively small gaming faction translate into millions of dollars for a KS?

Would an Arcanum-themed KS fly?
That's the thing. Planescape: Torment's notoriety is more than just 'fanatical support by a relatively small gaming faction'. Namedropping PS:T all over had to have helped PE a lot. When it came out, PS:T was the underdog of the IE games but times have changed. It's been rendered a classic by time. The gaming press is what pushes these KS's and they'd eat this up. "Lead design by Planescape pen-and-paper designer and Torment co-writer Colin McComb with production by inXile! WOW BRIAN FARGO! Yay!"

I don't think an Arcanum one would do so well. It isn't a "classic" (in the sense of the word that I'm using) and just wouldn't draw very much attention. I'd imagine one centering around Arcanum would die a death like Shaker or Thorvalla.
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