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April 10th, 2007, 04:01
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Moriendor : Can you explain what you meant about the Bios ?
I also dowloaded HD TACH, but I have no idea what the data means after i run the test.
The BIOS stuff is very difficult to explain because there are a lot of different BIOS versions out there (depending on the mainboard manufacturer and model). When I suggested originally that you should check your BIOS, it was under the assumption/hope that you are somewhat familiar with BIOS settings but since you are not, we should probably approach this from a different angle .

You mentioned loading times of "minutes". This is definitely not normal if your hard drive performance is optimized or even just as it should be. There are two possibilities here. The first one is that there are indeed issues with your hard drive and the second one is that you are just an impatient little critter .
Well, seriously, have you timed how long it takes to load a save game (not the first time you load the game but when you load a save after you die for example)? What feels like "minutes" to you might in reality be the usual ~40-60 seconds that it always takes for anyone and everyone to load a save. That's perfectly normal. However, if it literally takes over -say- 90 seconds then it's likely that there's something fishy going on with your system.

Regarding the HD Tach values, there should be a comparative chart in the results window (as shown in this screenshot ). If your values are significantly (50%+) lower than the comparative values for Ultra DMA (same as IDE) or SATA (serial ATA) that are given here, then it's quite likely that there is some kind of configuration problem or an impending hard drive failure. You should be getting over 70MB/s burst speed here.
Also, in regards to the benchmark curve, if you have a newer hard drive of at least 40GB capacity, then the HD Tach curve should start at somewhere between or over 30-40MB/s. It's normal that the curve drops to lower values from left to right. It reflects the decrease in performance that you're getting towards the end of the drive (the curve should show a significant drop at over ~50% capacity - that's why you should also keep your HD from filling up too much… to have about 40% - 50% free space is always a good idea).
As far as the seek time (random access time) is concerned, it should be between 12ms and 18ms max.

I think you should check your HD Tach values again and compare them to see if there is anything out of the ordinary to report. If there is something weird showing up, then you should contact a "geek" friend or a repair center so they can help you determine what the problem might be (including a check of the BIOS settings). Well, and time those load times. Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that it's not taking longer for you than it is for everyone else, too .
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