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August 30th, 2007, 16:33
I voted 'good, but I have some concerns.'

I'm not that concerned about the actual gameplay's choice & consequences. However, I'm concerned that what brother none called 'verisimilitude' wouldn't be up to par.

It seems, to me, that what brother none wrote in the NMA preview, probably is true.
Especially about the setting: it seems like a generic post apoc setting added with a sprinkle of Fallout. I'm also concerned about the BoS being knights of the wasteland and that supermutants are only seen as bad -aehm- people?

On the positive ist that you will need science skills to unlock & hack things, tnat you will need skills in small arms and big guns to actually hit somone or something, that you apparently can

From the info on VATS, I sort of figured that it was some sort of realtime w/ pause like Bioware did in the 1990's with the infinity engine. Also, from the info that they've three options, one for neutral, one for good and one for a bad option.
Does this means that Bethsoft are making some sort Bioware game?? Not that this necessarily are bad. It just seems to be sort of non creative and non innovative solutions to me Just like the game's supermutants do. The look like a cross between the Uruk Hai's from LOTR and the orcs from either Oblivion, Baldur's Gate or Oblivion.

I'm also a bit concerned about the silly humour, and Todd's vision that violence somehow is funny. Yes, violence in the tom & jerry show is funny, because violence in this series is used to portray a conflict between the two, not just used for it's own sake, like I get the feeling it is in Fallout 3 ?

As for the 1up interview, Emil mentioned that game dialogue did not affect the ending. And that was he said more precizely on the Bethesda Forums. Karma, e.g. the actions made throughout the game influences the ending of the game. Whch, sort of makes sense…
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