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November 30th, 2017, 12:07
I couldn't get in to Endless Legend, but I wanted to like it. I don't think I'll ever give it the proper chance it deserves because it should have drawn me in within the first few minutes. Dungeon of the Endless was instantly entertaining and kept me coming back easy enough.

I like the early game in that Stardock fantasy one Fallen Enchantress. Walk around collecting loot and doing quests like its an RPG. Same with their space one the early game gathering asteroids is more fun than the late game where it becomes a slog to deal with everything. In Dom early game I always like to get 2 levels in Construction and craft some new equipment for my heroes as though I'm playing an RPG. Level them up a bit, research some new spells for them. Then you can face your hero against a whole army and test your build.

I liked age of wonders 3 but didn't play it that much. It's hard to put my finger on whats missing but I think its to do with the discovery on the map. There's not enough fun things to discover in the world. I think homam was more entertaining in that respect where you'd click on some fairy or something and have no idea what it would do. I like a bit of chaos.

Never played Heroes7 because of all the hate but I'd be very interested in 8 if the series ever comes back to life. I think Heroes is a way better example of a developer not caring than Dom, but I'm sure its in the hands of the publishers who provide enough money to develop good graphics but not enough time to make a polished game that people will be happy with.

Eador I can hardly remember now but I did instantly like it and thought it had some interesting new ways of doing things, but got over it super quickly.

There's others I've played briefly like crusader kings, but I don't feel like there's very many strategy games out there at all that suit me. I need a bit of rogue-like, sandbox, RPG and lots of combat and even though the graphics are bad in Dom there are battles with 100s of different units and they all have RPG stats and gear where in crusader kings battles are pretty much auto resolved.

Which brings us back to Ageofwonders3 because playing out the tactical battles in that got old very quickly and I think I prefer just watching the units fight on their own. You can still give them basic behaviors and formations before the battle and place them on the field and even tell them what order to cast their spells. Plus individual control as in a turn based game isn't really viable when you have so many units in a battle so I think in many ways dom has the best combat of any strategy game.

I mean, maybe my tactics just suck, but even in Total War I really just march them all in after placing them how I want on the field and giving them behaviors. Works fine. I don't think the direct realtime control adds that much, just a longer time messing around before the first blow is struck.
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