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July 26th, 2018, 12:16
What he said; I aim for 'good enough' today because when tomorrow arrives it will just be cheaper to buy the lower end item which is faster than the today's fastest at a lower price than yesterday fastest. However you have to take things with a grain of salt I don't 'game' on tv or large screens. I game on monitors - and I'm not sensitive to fps being 45 or 30 - so I have no desire for 120; screen tearing just doesn't bother me and i just want the fps fast enough that the motion doesn't stutter or hinder game play (after all how many movies run at 60fps or 120fps). Anyway that's just me. It is the same with i5 vs i7; I almost never buy i7 because the perf gain vs the $$ is not cost effective for myself (games are generally not cpu bound). I do realize that some people do compute intensive applications and so it makes sense for them to get an i7. The only area I stay near the top of the curve are ssd since hd are very slow for random access but if you are into moving large chunks of data sequentially then hd are the way to go.

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You can buy the 780ti or wait a year for the 970 or another for the 1060 and get the same performance at a lower price in the form of a "new" card.

Thing is, if you don't buy high end you never get to experience high end.
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