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May 24th, 2021, 01:38
I was a big fan of DA:O and played through it 3 times. I didn’t follow any coverage for DA2 and went in completely blind. Boy was I disappointed, so much so that I uninstalled it and shelved it for several years. When DA:I was released I though I should give DA2 another shot. After several years of separation and cooling down I was able to enjoy it. still felt it was a step in the wrong direction but I enjoyed it for what it was.

I still need to play through DA:I. I’ve tried it a few times but have never left the hinterlands my completionist style is probably to blame. I think when I try it again I will try and stick to the main story.

As for the review I see no problem with reviewing a game that is 6 years old. It’s still their take on the game after their first play through just as a review done when it comes out would be. I also appreciate that it’s a 100% play through as I’d guess few if any reviews were based on a 100% play through.
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