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May 29th, 2021, 20:04
Originally Posted by Goraidh View Post
Reruns are horrible but klee is welcomed for all those that started a bit after launch day I guess.
Okay I guess some people really want to have her. Not sure why though.
I refused to participate in her banner the first time she appeared.
To this day I ask politely if anyone tries to enter a coop domain with her to switch onto anyone else, she's so bad in coop.
As I said, she is useful in Abyss, but who cares for Abyss any more?
Originally Posted by Goraidh View Post
And hey, I was constantly using 'miniventi' thing to reach for some of the stuff. It is great to have it if you don't have that boring bard.
I do have Venti.
Venti had a rerun and you'd have to be extremely unlucky not to have him.
Stuff reaching is not Venti exclusive really - you can use Keqing teleport if you have her.
Originally Posted by HiddenX View Post
Gnostic Hymn
It is the only thing in the game to support devs, the rest offers are stupid gems to gamble with.
Sure you get a few gems in Gnostic Hymn too, but it's an ignorable amount and you can't buy it endlessly (you can't whale it) as it's offered just once per patch.

Gnostic Hymn saves you from 10-15 days of grinding for mats&cash, depends on your AR. On top of it, adds a nice weapon. For 10 bucks it's a bargain.
It is not a mandatory thing anyway.

Gnostic Chorus however is a plain scam.
Originally Posted by Wisdom View Post
I haven't played this (doesn't really seem to be my thing and I detest gacha mechanics) but I think I'm most impressed at how much money they are making without Steam.
I believe they'd get even more if the monetization strategy was something Sims like.
Base game - free, expansions (patches) 10-20 bucks. Everyone and their mother would buy that.

Sadly, their decision was to milk gambling addicts instead.
What I'm saying and we already discussed it.
Try the game, it's fun. But stay far far away from it if you can't say no to lootboxes.
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