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October 23rd, 2011, 02:05
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Not sure if we've had any actual game-play footage so far. If not then this might interest a few fans.
There's been quite a lot of gameplay footage mostly filmed off screen from the time around Gamescom where the game was actually playable for fans visiting the Deep Silver booth. A (German) Gamescom presentation video with quite a lot of in-game scenes can be found right here for example.

Originally Posted by Dhruin
I take it that was X360 footage - I found it irritating the way player seemed to stop and clumsily adjust the camera every few seconds.
Risen 2 now has a free camera instead of a fixed chase cam like PB's previous titles.

Originally Posted by Dhruin
Anyway, I'm happy with the change. I found Risen a little underwhelming. I enjoyed it but I thought they played too safe - I'd played this before (ie, the Gothics) -only bigger and better and without narrowing in on a dungeon crawl.

It's also not such a big shift for me. Pirates were one of the best parts of NotR and Patty's quest chain was easily the best part of Risen to me, so pirates are an integral part of their heritage
Agree fully. I also find it odd that quite a number of people (not just here but also at the World of Risen forums etc.) are turned off by the pirate setting. The whole quest with that Captain Makarov (or was that the bad buy from Call of Duty? ) or whatever he was called (it was a Russian sounding name IIRC) and Captain Greg Steelbeard and Miss Patty Steelbeard was probably the most interesting quest line in Risen. Also the ending of the game strongly hinted at the likelihood that the search for Captain Steelbeard would be playing a major role in a potential sequel. Given the history of PB games and the general popularity of piratey stuff (see Pirates of the Caribbean) I don't find it at all surprising or alienating that PB chose this particular setting.
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