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January 14th, 2007, 19:59
The first three games have been my top three since I finished G2. The bottom 7 change depending on mood and time of year so I just put them in alphabetical order.

Gothic 2
I was late to the party but became an instant fanboy once I got beyond the strange interface. The Gothic games are the only RPGs I actually feel like I am in a real world. If PB ever hires a strong producer that can bring out a polished game out of the gate it will turn the Gothic franchise into an evergreen product.

Might & Magic 6
Yeah, 7 had a lot of neat things going for it but I felt MM6 finally got the 1st person perspective, party RPG right. And the music was just spectacular.

Deus Ex
My first rig couldn’t run the game so I had to wait about a year before I could play. If they would have handled the franchise right, we’d be looking forward to Deus Ex 4 right now. With tremendous atmosphere and solid game play and a sorely needed other-than-fantasy setting it was just about a can’t miss.

Bard Tale 1
After being seduced by the goodness of the early Wizardry games and its vector graphics what a shook full upon seeing 16 bit full color graphics. Plus there were towns to travel in, not just dungeon to explore. BT1 was a great transition game that was fully realized with Might and Magic 1.

Divine Divinity
It was word of mouth that got me to play this game. The demo sucked so it was a really hard sell. But enough folks convinced me that the opening dungeon was the worst part of the game and they were right. As a whole, this game probably had the best overall score of any RPG. And I’m a big fan of Rob King, of Might & Magic fame.

Fallout 1
Being a huge fan of Wasteland, I was looking forward to this game. When I finally got the game and opened the box I was treated with the best RPG gaming manual ever (sadly even to this day). And what pain I went through designing my character. I had to make a whole bunch of real choices (unlike the few you had to make in some of the Ultima games). And then the opening cut scene, the living towns, and the tremendous voice actors. Wow just WOW.

Land of Lore 1
Technologically speaking, this game was behind the times when it first came out. Using step motion instead of the fluid motion was a great disappointment when I started playing. But what a great game to play. And for once monsters attacked from above instead of just directly in front of you. The sequels, while interesting, were nowhere close to the majesty of LoL1.

There’s something about this game that just makes me nostalgic in a good way. It was just a fun game to play and a wonderful world to explore. It just boggles my mind that from a game play standpoint, Morrowind is superior to Oblivion in just about every way.

Ultima 9
This was another game that did not run on my rig. I didn’t play the game until much much later with a far better rig. This really wasn’t like an Ultima game, but I have to say I enjoyed this game more than the others. Ultima 4 was a fun game but making food and regents was tedious. And it’s dungeon design was more of a distraction than anything else. Ultima 4 succeeded because it had a fresh take on how RPG should play and it worked. Still, I had more fun with 9.

Wiz 8
The combat in this game almost qualifies it as a strategy game. But I too just loved how your skills went up as you used them.


There are some really good RPG that I have played and loved but never finished. Maybe some day they might break into the top 10. Betrayal at Krondor, Star Trails Realm of Arkania, Outland, Fallout 2, Anachronix, Albion, Balders Gate.

And finally, I’ve been playing RPGs on computers since Tunnels of Doom on my TI99. I just want to give a shot-out to some other excellent games. Nintendo’s Dragon Quest 1 and Final Fantasy 3. Segas Phantasy Star 3, Stonekeep, Anvil of Dawn, Dragon Wars, Pillars of Garendal and Sacred.
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