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June 30th, 2007, 14:44
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I belong to the group that is tired of the same-old, same-old from Jeff. His engines and stories have already been done to death. I'm not buying from him til he makes something entirely new. There are a ton of folks who disagree with this though, so I'm the minority here. I can't tell the difference in the geneforges, the exiles, and the avernums. Each game in the various series plays just like the last game.
I would of agreed with you if you had compared the exiles with the avernums but geneforge and nethergate are the same as the avernums??? I'm not sure what your thinking is behind this. If you have not played Nethergate or Geneforge I suggested you do so immediatly if you like his types of games, if not maybe you need to wait for the major publishers to offer you something that is new and groundbreaking maybe Fallout 3 would be to your liking. Lots of new stuff in there I espcially like the nuclear catapolts, they seem really innovative and new. All sarcasm aside really if you haven't played Nethergate try it it's pretty good and it is totally unlike the other games in regards to the story. If your talking about gameplay then it's about the same with some skills and spells that are different. You have to realize that he does this all by himself, if he was a major label then yea he could reinvent his engine and gameplay to something new but he concentrates on giving a great read with fun TB gameplay.
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