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February 27th, 2012, 08:35
I have no exposure at all to mmos, sounds interesting but tbh I am not sure I would enjoy very complex combat too much. It would shift the focus from the other stuff we were discussing above… Then again maybe not, I would need to play it to form an opinion really.

Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
- You can block NPCs (not monsters) for all eternity in Risen. Why? It would be much more interesting and challenging if blocking would be depending on e.g. an endurance bar/pool that would drain every time you (or your block actually) got hit by the enemy.
The CP team implemented that in G3 and I really liked it (it was part of the fixes and rebalances that made combat in G3 playable and even somewhat fun, a bit, for me).
I would also add that they need to allow blocking (only with a shield) some wild animal attacks, it would make things more interesting and it is not really unrealistic in most cases imo (as long as it is ineffective/you get knocked down when large animals charge i.e ).

Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
- Why are you most of the time only attacked by one enemy while the other watches and waits in line? Group combat could need tons of improvement in recent PB offerings.
Another thing that was broken in G3 (and fixed in the CP's), quite agree that they should fix this if there is still in Risen 2. Very unrealistic and immersion breaking.

I generally agree with most of the points you raised(*) There is without a doubt space for improvement here especially in removing exploits and they were on the right track from G2 to Risen(the unfortunate interlude of G3 combat aside). Very disappointing if they have taken a step back instead(again)…

(* I must say that I like that you can sidestep the charges of certain animals like boars or rhinos i.e and they can take a moment to recover. Seems both realistic and makes things more interesting. Those recovery times probably need to be tightened though and probably halved for more nimble animals i.e wolves)
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