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October 15th, 2019, 00:34
There is no reason to watch anything upon it's release unless you're very interested into a title. I generally leave everything to "betatesters" then rely to word of mouth whenever possible, if not, I ask around.

As it happens 90% of everything is garbage. Yea, I will open a new thread on that tomorrow. I have no time for everything and because of that I want to avoid junk. And mediocrity.
And I don't discriminate. A great movie is a great movie, regardless from where it came from. In fact I'm more interested in small film industries than in gigantic hollywood and bollywood - smaller projects are full of fresh ideas unafraid to risk.

I ask everyone their recommendations - plenty of exceptional stuff is available on streams including antics (okay, classics!) and is not as expensive as in the past where one had to import videodisc or later DVDs when something skipped cinemas nearby and wasn't available by any other means.

The list in this topic we've discussed already, I said it's a great one for someone who's just starting to explore worldwide cinemas, but the list due to technicalities has it's problems and some titles just aren't there while some didn't really deserve to "join the club". The list counts imdb user votes and no entry with less than 25K votes can be on it even if it's the best movie ever.

Here's an example. Maybe the greatest german comedy of all times, Pappa ante Portas is not on this list! Why? Only 4.5K votes. Should it be there? It should. Because maybe it's score is borderline (8/10), but many people think german comedies do not exist. They do and I usually joke around about misconception: germany = no humor. Thus a list of 250 best movies should fight against the prejudice with at least that one title, even if the words play is difficult to translate.
Now when I mentioned it… I don't think Alrik suggested this one to me. Shame on him, right?
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