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October 9th, 2013, 20:56
Before you do anything download extended cut DLC. Improves the ending. Its free so go and grab it. Nuff said.

Basicly 3:

1) From the ashes:

This dlc includes a new squad member and a new weapon. Its same kind of dlc as Stone prisoner in DA. It has tons of story content throughout the game. And you learn quite a lot about protheans when interacting with him.

2) Citadel DLC

This dlc is must if you're a long time mass effect player and enjoy interacting with squad members. Lots of funny scenes, inside jokes, nods to previous games etc,. It has a new side mission too. Citadel dlc also expands citadel by adding a whole new areas to the citadel hub and it adds a combat simulator. Its not essential in same sense as from the ashes or leviathan, but you'll miss quite a lot if you don't have it.

3) Leviathan DLC

This DLC tells you something about reapers orgin. I personally liked it quite a lot.. I don't know if it blows your mind or anything but it has fun gameplay and the ending was actually quite cool and reminded me of a famous scifi film which name i won't say here because it would be spoiling. Definitely worth of playing.

I got myself digital deluxe edition which included from the ashes dlc and n7 arsenal pack. Then i grabbed leviathan and citadel packs.

I haven't played Omega DLC, but i've heard that it is mostly combat and offers very little story content. so i skipped it.
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