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October 9th, 2013, 23:10
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I liked Mass Effect 3 a lot, despite its flaws and the much discussed ending….
I still haven't understand well all the negativity about ME3. I enjoyed a lot the ending including how unclear it was letting some points. At least an ending with some subtle elements… Then I started read all the whining and I'm pretty sure they spoiled a bit my fun and good remembering of the game.

With some distance I see the whining about three same ending but a color, something just very kiddish. It's a comment that put more importance in some pictures than in words. It was a so totally kiddish and focusing on points that are significant but not that important.

Otherwise ME3 definitely improve some points and the fights are better and the design of obstacles to cover was hugely improved and quite natural when it was a bit weird in ME2. For sure the strange ME2 hub design around companions was something very special and ME3 didn't even attempt reproduce it. But I think it's for me the only plus of ME2, a lot more companions and a game very centered on companions. Otherwise for me everything is better in ME3 but overall I'd probably put ME2 above. For ME1… never enjoyed it, and 4/5 attempts didn't solved the problem.
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