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April 1st, 2021, 14:44
Unless they get into a romantic relationship in the end, and they don't, I have no interest in the dead horse beating.

Not that I'm holding it much against you, I've watched some suspicious movies lately I wish I didn't.
One of these is The Kid Detective.
Look at that imdb score, wtf.
The first hour of that movie is halfboring drama, tries to be funny and fails every time, only the last half hour is decent.
Overrated mediocrity.

On the other hand, Dorm is close to masterpiece.
This material got tainted by outdated technology in a few scenes (so dark you see nothing).
It is marked as horror while it is not horror at all, it's of Guillermo Del Toro style where it's living and not dead you should be scared from.
With unbelievably talented cast and unique story, I can't praise it more.
And it has a lower score than Kid Detective? LOL
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