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April 3rd, 2021, 21:37
One game looks intriguing to me. But most of them - nope

#1 = Rome is interesting historical period to be sure, but no magic, and that means no interest from me.

#2 = don't like too cartoony games.

#3 = no, I don't want co-op action rpg. Co-op games are a big thumbs down from me. Especially if approved and made by Wizards of the Coast. (horrible political agenda driven company)

#4 = Too cartoony and child-like ambiance.

#5 = Ok, this game does look good, gotta admit. And I don't mind the cartoony characters because of the camera angle of the game as shown in the video, it looks like you will hardly notice it most of the time. The world looks gorgeous and realistic enough. And also the rich fantasy atmosphere and lighting effects and it looks like they know how to make dark places, that is really cool.

The only thing I can say bad for now is I hope they have an option to turn off those silly, stupidly distracting floating numbers in combat. Other than that small annoyance, I agree, it looks promising.
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