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February 8th, 2018, 16:52
The depth in this game is not in the visuals, obviously. It is in the quests, dungeon and world design, and in the multiple options to deal with problems and situations you'll get into. Have a look at our General Forum about the game:

The titles of the threads will give you an idea of what this game offers in terms of depth. And they go back.. years, and still there's interesting stuff to post.

Now it is true this game is simpler in many ways than it would be if I had designed it exclusively for PC from day 1, but on the other hand who knows, maybe it wouldn't be as fun as it ended up being. For instance, even if this game has more text than most other RPGs out there (even than most AAAs), as it was originally intended for mobile it won't "Textwall" you all the time, nor every NPC "lore-dumps" on you; it's all very concise and measured, every paragraph has been tought over and rewritten to not waste your valuable time with filler descriptions. On the other hand every item has a unique description, making it fun to see a new piece of equipment for the first time if you care to read them.

Oh, and a good way to "demo" it: the mobile versions include the first 20% of the game for free! And saves will be transferrable.
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