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February 19th, 2018, 14:53
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I developed and wrote the game myself for the last 4 years.
That's very motivating, whoah. How did you approach the in-game universe creation, dialogues, and lore? Do you have any prior experience as a writer?

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The exception is the assets; I did about 10% of them, another 40% or so is commissioned, and the remaining (especially the early content) come from open licenses. You can see them fully listed here.
Did you contact the authors of everything "open" or just credit them as they were on the site you found CC-BY content?
That may be a stupid question, but I am still figuring out licensing… I see that you used some CC-BY-SA stuff, doesn't it mean you'd have to distribute your game as CC-BY-SA as well?

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The translation project has been clearly publicized as a volunteer effort in our forum, you become a translator after request and other translators can see your work or make corrections on it, much like a wiki. Until date, with 3 translations complete or >95% complete, and another two over 50%, there has never been an issue, be it vandalism or complaint. We have a pretty nice and constructive community at our forums, and most of the translators are also wiki editors, betatesters, and friends.
That's good to hear too! But another case is when your game sells 3 trillion copies tomorrow and these nice people smell cash - be careful, better safe than sorry
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